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10/18/10 01:56 AM #1    

Margie Schulman (Alter)

Welcome to the Miami Beach Senior High School Class Of 1962 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

11/17/10 10:30 AM #2    

Ron Silvers

Thanks, what a great site this is!! The music and videos are phenomenal.

Ron Silvers

11/25/10 06:53 AM #3    

Margie Schulman (Alter)

Hi Ron

Thank you for your response. Glad you are enjoying the web site. Afterall, this  site is about your class...your times...your memories. Happy Thanksgiving. 


12/16/10 03:27 PM #4    

David Greenhood

Hi. Not really a response, but a question. Does anyone out there know of the wherabouts of David Bochner? He and I were friends and it would be nice to get in touch with him if he's still around somewhere. Thanks

03/11/11 07:48 PM #5    

Yvette Cardozo

I have wondered for decades whatever became of Paul Berger. He was a dear friend and I lost touch in the 1970s. I fear he died young but am not sure. Anyone out there know anything?

03/20/11 10:25 AM #6    

Michael Cowan

 Hi Yvette

I checked our email database and Paul Berger is not listed. If you do find him, please let me know his contact information so that we can add him to our class database.



04/06/11 02:04 PM #7    

Stuart Joseph

 Greetings from Vermont!


I am glad this site exists and I have been spending too much of my time here!<grin>

Is the hotel giving a special rate for re-union attendees?

Would it be possible to set up a forum for folks that would like to share a hotel room or need or offer crash space?

It might help out those of us that are on fixed incomes to be able to attend.


04/26/11 03:56 AM #8    

Margie Schulman (Alter)


Hi Stuart

I reviewed your posted comment:


1.The remarkable rate for the hotel guest room...sent to your email address.

2.There will be  classmates interested to share a room and I will keep you advised

3.When the plans and details are finalized, same will be  posted on the website.


4.Revisit MESSAGE FORUM and utilize USER FORUM section of this website to post topics of interests with discussions  including  "classmates who want to share a hotel room during the reunion weekend, October 2012." USER FORUM section located on yellow navigation panel.

I hope the above information helpful.


Many thanks for your interest in the 50th Reunion.




05/11/11 12:22 AM #9    

Ricky Neross



Has anyone seen a guy who went to another school. His name is Geroge W Bush. He was in the National Guard but after a few meetings he never showed up again. Strange dude. Had trouble with English even thought his was an anglo. I heard he went into politics but the guy just didn't have much upstairs and was drunk and high every waking hour. Anyway if anyone finds him tell him he still owes me $50.00 for the U of M's 1983 championship. The schmuck bet on Nebraska.


Ricky Neross

06/16/18 01:44 PM #10    

Ricky Neross

16 June 2018

For the common knowledge of the masses, Chauncey Gardner is the President of the United States at this time.

Ricky Neross

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